Project to Facilitate Industry Specific Web3 Adoption

Project to Facilitate Industry Specific Web3 Adoption


For Immediate Release July 27, 2023 -, a new project intended for Photography, Modeling, Fashion and Branding industries is being launched in response to wider mainstream adoption of crypto currencies and digital assets. The project’s intention is to promote networking and collaboration between creators to promote and ignite revenue streams in the Web3 arena for creators.


The “Community First” approach project developers are taking deviates from a typical Web3/NFT project in that it is not based on a collection of NFTs released in hope of future utility, but a network where the NFTs are actually a utility of the project.


As founding member and photographer Mark Johnson states, “We don’t want put the cart before the horse, we are defining and prioritizing community and not in it to sell a collection of NFTs”


A comprehensive and evolving road-map will address technology developments to support the projects community. The decentralized nature of management and structure will emphasize the members and in turn benefit the community as a whole. Taking this bottom-up approach to cultivate a strong network associated with the project and it’s offerings is truly in the spirit the decentralized Web3 doctrine.


ModNFT invites you to take a first look and request an invitation for early access to the community. Visit


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