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Welcome to ModNFT. The networking/social project focused on building Web3 utility for the modeling, photography, branding and NFT markets. If you are visiting as an owner of an NFT granting privileges to this project please note we are in the process of ramping up development. Check back soon to see the innovations and sign-up here to be on the notification list.


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Project Roadmap

Purpose Statement

What is ModNFT:

A networking/social project focused on building utility for the modeling, photography, branding and NFT markets.


Based on a set of core principals:

  • Community first. With a great community utility will evolve. Value in utility. We will always regard community input as a driving force in our decision making process
  • An altruistic approach to collaboration. Focusing on the long term benefits of cultivating talent and connecting talent to collectors/benefactors.
  • Always being open to new ideas and not only implementing said ideas but bringing in those who conceptualized the idea in a rewards driven role.
  • No censorship. With exception of illegal activities or harassment, which will not be tolerated.

Goals and Milestones

Goals and milestones are very important, so is being nimble and flexible in the ever-evolving Web3 environment. Therefore the items discussed in this roadmap will be subject to adaptation within that landscape.                                 



Select Platform


We have selected Drupal Open Source CMS to build out our site and community. We chose Drupal for it’s comprehensive capabilities and continued evolution and support across the web. It is also very security conscious as we put the upmost importance on the security and safety of our community. Many notable websites have been built on the Drupal platform. Websites built on Drupal include Tesla, NASA, Verizon, The Emmy Awards, Charles Schwab and The NCAA


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Investor NFT’s


A series of investor NFT's. Owners will retain a percentage of the platform/Mod NFT Brand and enhanced "VIP" platform privileges. Upon launch of the MOD Token, holders will receive a portion of the initial airdrop of the token based on their ownership percentage.

More information about this opportunity here.


Mint Participation/Access NFT’s


The collection(s) will included categorized NFT’s with integrated utility to include access and utility across the community dependent on the class of NFT ownership. There will be a site revenue share implemented for NFT owners(also dependent on the class of NFT ownership) Revenue stream to be realized from royalties of Mod NFT resales, project sponsorship and partnerships.


The Mod Coin

MOD Coin



Platform Enhancement to include but not limited to:


  • Online curated NFT galleries
  • Publish ModNFT Magazine - Online and Print Versions.
  • Content delivery system for creators.
  • Integrate with essential platforms and communities.
  • On site minting.
  • NFT Trading.